Titanic Movie Dresses You Want to Wear

There is something special about the 1997 hit movie Titanic. It may be the special effects, the love story, or the tearful tale of an unfortunately true event.

For admires of historical fashion, the costumes, especially Rose’s Dresses are what make the movie truly memorable. Here are the 7 most popular Titanic dresses Rose worn in the movie plus where buy them, make them and be seen in them today.

Rose’s Boarding Dress– The first scene shows Rose arriving at the doc yard in a white and purple stripped dress suit topped with a gorgeous black picture hat. Under her suit she wears a club collar blouse and narrow tie. Several costume retailers sell replicas of this dress ranging in price from $180 to $370. This dress suit is ideal for the Titanic Memorial Cruise taking place in 2012.

Rose’s Jump Dress– This is the heavily beaded red dress that Rose wears running down the ship deck and over the railing in an attempted suicide jump. Of all the dresses fans want to re-create this is the favorite. It is also the most expensive with multiple layers of hand beaded net, silk and lace. You will either need to be a talented seamstress or hire one to re-make this stunning dress.

Rose’s Dinner Dress– similar to the Jump dress, the dinner gown is also red with beaded net over a silk gown. Rose wore this gown at the dinner Jack was invited too. It is the second most requested dress for Proms and formal events.

Rose’s Deck Dress (walking dress)- As Rose is taken on a tour of the ship she walks in a gold tea gown with a long sleeve lace upper bodice. The style and shape was very common in Edwardian times. Although not often re-created for Titanic events it is worn at Edwardian themed garden and tea parties.

Rose’s Flying Dress– The epitome of all the Titanic movie scenes is when Rose and Jack step onto the ship rails and “fly” in the wind. The blue silk and velvet dress features “kimono” style long sleeves and the classic hobble skirt shape of the Edwardian fashion era. Shortly after the movie released several pattern makers released a pattern for this dress. While out of print some copies can still be found online.

Rose’s Swim Dress– The dress we see Rose in for the longest duration is her Swim dress. It is several layers of pastel blue and pinks chiffon and a pink silk sash tied around her waist. It is the easiest dress to make whether it be from a pattern or from items in your own closet. Many modern dresses carry the same layered chiffon material as the original Swim dress.

Rose’ Heaven Dress– Many people do not realize that Rose wore a different dress at the end of the movie when she goes to heaven on the Titanic. This is because her heaven dress is almost exactly the same as her dinner dress except for the color- white. White obviously being the ideal color for wedding dresses means this dress is perfect for an Edwardian or Titanic themed wedding.