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How To Download PSP Movies

Are you struggling to download psp movies on your psp? Downloading movies onto the psp is not difficult. Let this article help you.

The traditional way of watching movies on your psp is using the UMD disc format. UMD stands for universal media disc and is the only format for PSP.

However, a PSP UMD movie is not cheap. It cost about USD $30 for a single movie. Plus there isn’t a great selection of movies to choose from. Many big name movie distributors have shunned the UMD format because of lack of sales.

So what alternatives do you have for watching PSP movies?

There are 2 alternatives available, both uses the sony memory stick to store the movies.

The first way is to rip DVD movies on your computer and then download it onto your sony memory stick.

Sony does provide DVD ripping software that allows you to rip movies into your computer which you can then transfer to the memory stick. The ripped movies are smaller and of lower quality but since you are watching on a small screen on the PSP, it does not matter much.

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