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Choosing a Set Top Box Like The WD TV Live

A number of set top boxes are becoming popular for video watching on the television. Two of the more affordable boxes are something many should look into. These are the Western Digital WD TV Live Plus and the very popular Apple TV.

WD TV Live Plus

The WD TV Live Plus is a new type of Set Top Box that can play Netflix movies as well as your own videos contained on a hard drive. This is called more of a digital media streamer as well as a Netflix player. The WD TV can play such an extensive and varied media formats that it covers almost every format you have in your media arsenal. You can play in addition to Netflix, MediaFly, Flickr, Pandora Radio, Live365 Internet Radio and YouTube as well as other free channels. It can play up to 1080p too.

The WD TV Live Plus purpose is to be able to stream movies as well as photos, videos and music from USB drives directly to your HDTV. It does this extremely well and recently has become very popular because of the ease of streaming your own media as well as its price point which for what it does is pretty inexpensive.

The WD TV has a plethora of connection options to choose from. There are an assortment of plugs for connections as well as the most common USB and Ethernet as well as WiFi. There is no in-built WiFi connection. But the WD TV can accept many wireless USB adapters that will enable it to connect to the internet via WiFi. Since the USB connection is standard the WD TV Live can read from various hard drive or CD drives, thumb drives and card readers too.

On the left side is a single USB port, while round the back is an Ethernet port and two jack sockets that join the existing HDMI, optical digital audio, second USB port, and power socket. The two jack plugs are ‘AV OUT’ and ‘Y Pb Pr’ use proprietary cables to add stereo audio and composite video and component video, respectively.

The menu area is well thought out. You can view media by three different ways. You can browse your media either as a list, as thumbnails or as a list with a preview on the right.

When you are viewing the various media, you can zoom into and pan around images. Video files can be fast-forwarded, rewound and skipped through by chapter. These are very nice features.

The WD TV Live Plus makes is a great media streaming that comes in a very small footprint and makes playing your multimedia files on your TV easier than ever before.

Apple TV
The Apple TV is an extremely well thought out 720p movie player. It’s main purpose is to stream video from the likes of Netflix, iTunes movie rental and watch the MLB.TV and NBA internet channels as well as well as podcast shows from iTunes, YouTube, Flickr as well as internet radio.

Connections are very simple. The Apple TV unit plugs into a HDTV via a HDMI cable. Apple for some reason chose not to include the HDMI cable and it has to be purchased in addition to the unit. If you want to plug the Apple TV into a stereo there is an optional plug for an optical cable. Be aware that the Apple TV cannot be used with older television sets that just have an RGB connection since it only accepts an HDMI cable.

The menu screen is very simple and intuitive to navigate within. I like the fact that it has iTunes movie rental. iTunes movie rental is just like going down to your video store and renting a movie. You pay a fee for each movie you watch. I prefer this to the old fashioned way of going down to the video rental store. When in the iTunes section, you can choose a movie by seeing box art as well as a detailed description. There is even a preview button to see a preview of the movie before renting it from iTunes.

The Netflix section lets you watch movies from their vast archive of online movies for a small monthly fee. This is probably the area you will use most. And if you like to watch lots of movies, this area is a money saver. For the movie buff you will be in heaven with the choices of films that are available. There are also lots of foreign movies as well as lots of documentaries which are fun to watch too.

You won’t go wrong with either of these set top box units. If your main goal is to stream your own movies, pictures and music from your own hard drives then the WD TV Live Plus is the way to go. If you like to rent movies and don’t have a vast collection of your own to choose from then the Apple TV will probably be the choice for you. Whatever you decide, it will save you because you will be able to do away with a few of the premium movie channels offered from your cable company. This will pay for itself fast.

Watch Movies Through

An advance featured LCD TV is now here to stay, the Samsung LN40c630. This newest product of modern technology comes with amazing capabilities that are not found in other devices of its kind. It comes with a 40-inch widescreen that displays realistic colors and natural images since it uses Full HD 1080p resolution. It also allows you to see fast-paced moves with smoothness and clarity through its 120Hz technology.

This product also comes with a Touch of Color design which combines texture and color that’s perfect for any room. Moreover, it enables you to easily and quickly plug-in a thumb drive or digital camera through ConnectShare Movie. Plus it offers a user-friendly interface that provides access to videos, music playlist, and pictures through the remote.

In addition, this unit helps you save more money by consuming lesser amount of energy. As a matter of fact, it is 43% more energy efficient than the minimum standards set by Energy Star 4.0. Another breathtaking feature that is highlighted in this product is Game Mode. Basically, this is intended to those various players who want nothing but the best gaming experience ever. Through this, changing the settings of the gaming systems for optimum performance is absolutely possible.

Still another feature that can be found in this television is the Wide Color Enhancer. Such feature produces more detailed and realistic images on the screen. Not only that, it also offers BD Wise technology which can automatically adjust all your components to obtain the best picture and sound quality ever. Furthermore, it features AllShare so you can easily sync up your entire household through wired or wireless DLNA connection.

Unlike those conventional methods, this product highlights DNSe technology that reproduces genuine stereo sound. Hence, it guarantees high-quality sound with more natural effects. When things come to worst, it has an available toll-free support that covers its 1 year labor and 1 year parts warranty. Plus this item comes with a swivel stand.

Still included in that long list of Samsung LN40c630 Specs is its capability to support multiple connections. As a matter of fact, it offers 4 HDMI ports, which makes it easy for you to connect your home theatre with a cable per component. Apart from that, it also has Anynet that allows you to add various peripheral devices including a DVD player. It even offers 2 USB slots on its side and a PC input at the back.

New Moon Review

I am not a Twilight fan, didn’t read the books, and not about to from the look of the first Twilight movie. Plus I’m not exactly the intended target market for the genre, so I went into the movie just being curious with about the hype, with a pretty low expectation, and it still exceeded it in the negative way.

What I did check out before this film was its trailer, and it was a pretty good trailer I have to say. Good tension, suspense, and a promise to gain more insight to both the vampire and werewolf worlds. In the actual movie, the tension and suspense wasn’t anything already touched upon by the trailer, and the insight to the vampire world was just a few “big brother” figures that lacked depth. The werewolf world was even worse, it was illustrated with a few seemingly reckless and unnecessarily half naked juvenile men.

The story seemed to be split into three parts, characterised by Bella and Edward, Bella and Jacob, Edward is back. The poor acting notwithstanding, the first part was alright, with solid pace and tension. It all went downhill in the second bit, where the plot disappears into a stuttering development of intimacy between Bella and Jacob. On top of that, the frequent appearances of topless men made it painful to watch. The story was giving Jacob every opportunity to strip, which was probably what the target market wanted, but by the end of it, any suspension of disbelief had disappeared. Once Edward’s involvement, the plot seemed to make more sense a bit, and as expected, it ended on a cliff hanger.

All in all, it wasn’t a great watch, quite a waste of time, but I guess it was only made for the truth fans anyway.

Titanic Movie Dresses You Want to Wear

There is something special about the 1997 hit movie Titanic. It may be the special effects, the love story, or the tearful tale of an unfortunately true event.

For admires of historical fashion, the costumes, especially Rose’s Dresses are what make the movie truly memorable. Here are the 7 most popular Titanic dresses Rose worn in the movie plus where buy them, make them and be seen in them today.

Rose’s Boarding Dress– The first scene shows Rose arriving at the doc yard in a white and purple stripped dress suit topped with a gorgeous black picture hat. Under her suit she wears a club collar blouse and narrow tie. Several costume retailers sell replicas of this dress ranging in price from $180 to $370. This dress suit is ideal for the Titanic Memorial Cruise taking place in 2012.

Rose’s Jump Dress– This is the heavily beaded red dress that Rose wears running down the ship deck and over the railing in an attempted suicide jump. Of all the dresses fans want to re-create this is the favorite. It is also the most expensive with multiple layers of hand beaded net, silk and lace. You will either need to be a talented seamstress or hire one to re-make this stunning dress.

Rose’s Dinner Dress– similar to the Jump dress, the dinner gown is also red with beaded net over a silk gown. Rose wore this gown at the dinner Jack was invited too. It is the second most requested dress for Proms and formal events.

Rose’s Deck Dress (walking dress)- As Rose is taken on a tour of the ship she walks in a gold tea gown with a long sleeve lace upper bodice. The style and shape was very common in Edwardian times. Although not often re-created for Titanic events it is worn at Edwardian themed garden and tea parties.

Rose’s Flying Dress– The epitome of all the Titanic movie scenes is when Rose and Jack step onto the ship rails and “fly” in the wind. The blue silk and velvet dress features “kimono” style long sleeves and the classic hobble skirt shape of the Edwardian fashion era. Shortly after the movie released several pattern makers released a pattern for this dress. While out of print some copies can still be found online.

Rose’s Swim Dress– The dress we see Rose in for the longest duration is her Swim dress. It is several layers of pastel blue and pinks chiffon and a pink silk sash tied around her waist. It is the easiest dress to make whether it be from a pattern or from items in your own closet. Many modern dresses carry the same layered chiffon material as the original Swim dress.

Rose’ Heaven Dress– Many people do not realize that Rose wore a different dress at the end of the movie when she goes to heaven on the Titanic. This is because her heaven dress is almost exactly the same as her dinner dress except for the color- white. White obviously being the ideal color for wedding dresses means this dress is perfect for an Edwardian or Titanic themed wedding.